Our Woods

Wood is an amazing natural material to use for eyewear as due to its very nature, every pair is unique, from the patterns the grain forms to the way it feels and smells, every piece is different which means that every one of our pairs are an individual.

At the moment we use three types of hardwoods in our handmade wooden sunglasses, MapleEbony, Rosewood and Walnut though we are constantly researching different grain patterns and woods for possible future use.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being as sustainable as possible and have a responsibility to the environment when we choose which woods we use to make our glasses, because of this all of our eyewear is made using sustainable and ethically grown hardwoods from plantations that adhere to the FSC regulations.

All of our sunglasses are handmade with precision and a dedication to quality, with all their elements coming from different countries around the world to form the final handcrafted end product.

Wooden Sunglasses On Desk SideRoot

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