Sustainable Fashion - Why More and More People are Heading Towards it.

April 30, 2017 1 Comment

Have you made all the traditional changes to your lifestyle but are trying to find another way by which you can make a difference to the environment? Is being up-to-date with all the latest fashion trends something that you spend your time to doing, be it visiting various fashion websites, watching local and international fashion shows or checking out the latest fashion magazines from your nearest supplier? If you're married to the hobby of keeping up with the current rage in the fashion industry then you probably know the latest crazes in eco-friendly accessories.

Trends in all things come and go in no time, including sunglasses. There have been trends in athletic frames, cat eye frames, oval frames, and neon colored frames. For the past few years, one trend has swept the world off its feet when it comes to sustainable fashion and that's wooden sunglasses. Something unique about this trend…it is here to stay. Why? More and more people are heading towards eco-friendly products.


A Humble Tribute to Movie Stars and other Celebrities

Great efforts have been made to market green fashion globally, but quite unfortunately, some of the attempts haven't been successful because the clothing was not something that everyone liked. However, in recent years this has changed and thousands and thousands of people are turning away from plastics and metals in favor of more organic materials so that they can lessen environmental pollution. As a matter of fact, organic clothing was a very strange thing until movie stars began putting on these clothes as a way of showing their willingness to support this movement.


Fewer or No Chemicals Used and Produced during the Production Process

Unlike metals, plastics and other synthetic materials, wood and other natural materials mean that very little amount of chemicals will be used and produced. Therefore, the chance of harmful materials making their way into the environment is minimal. One thing you may fail to realize is that sustainable fashion is not as simple as having your designer suit made from pure cotton instead of a poly blend. The reason is that, besides the industrial production processes that involve a lot of chemicals, farmers apply thousands of liters of pesticides on their cotton plantations each year. So, by choosing to buy eco-friendly fashion products, you are lessening the amount of pesticides that pollute the environment each year.

Chemical Production


Increase in Styles and Designs

The good news is that with all of the attention that is given to the environment and the number of people heading towards green products as a way of lessening their carbon footprint, has led to an increase in styles and designs that appeal to millions of potential customers. Therefore, there are unlimited options available and you can choose products that will benefit you while still remaining in the category of sustainable fashion.


What are Wood Sunglasses?

As the name suggests, wood sunglasses are designed using wood materials and of course glass. They became the big thing when someone that was concerned with the state of our environment decided to design eyewear frames using biodegradable materials instead of non-biodegradable ones. Wooden materials are not only better for our environment but more abundant as well. Wooden sunglasses are designed to provide maximum eye protection when you go out into the sun, the style that you feel is perfect for you, and not have a negative impact on the planet which supports the lives of billions of creatures. Due to the availability of wooden eyewear in different varieties and from many different manufacturers, some manufacturers have resorted to using bamboo to keep in line with the trend of using eco-friendly sunglasses.

Wooden Sunglasses


Why Eco friendly Wooden Sunglasses?

Wearing green sunglasses provides you with all the benefits that come with traditional sunglasses while not sacrificing the well-being of our environment. Just like traditional designer eyewear, wood sunglasses come in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures. The most common ones include zebrawood, walnut, Rosewood and birch. Another advantage of wooden eyewear is that wood can be easily replenished. Unlike frames made from other materials such as metals and plastics, new trees can be planted to keep the source of wooden frames continually available.


Expression of Personality

Generally, most people consider wearing eco friendly wood sunglasses as a matter of style but, there's expression of personality as well. The pair of eyeglasses you're wearing is strongly connected with your personality as it comes in close contact with your face. When you can do something original and different, you'll surely be interested in trying it out, won't you?


Safety of Your Eyes

You're probably aware of the dangerous UV rays, the potential cause of cataracts, cornea diseases, etc. It therefore becomes very important to protect your eyes from these harmful rays using wooden sunglasses. Again, if you're an outdoorsy individual, these glasses can protect your eyes from getting tired. This is because the eyes will retain their moisture content even when exposed to hot or cold air.

Sunglasses can also lessen the effect of jet lag. When you put on wooden sunglasses, the amount of sunlight that penetrates into your eyes is reduced. This will trick your brain into failing to realize that you are moving through time zones and so the disruption of biological rhythm because of jet lag will be reduced.

Polarized Lenses


Lead by Example

Also, remember that the best lessons in life are those that are done practically. So, if your objective is to be as environmentally conscious as possible the best way to showcase this to the wider audience is by openly wearing and endorsing organic clothing. In doing so, everyone who sees your unique style and fashion will appreciate your personal position on the environment. And, you'll simultaneously be strengthening your campaign for environmental conservation.

If just one person falls in love with your style and decides to go with this more eco-friendly approach, you'll have made a difference.

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Susan Robins

May 03, 2017

Well put!!!!

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