The new ss17 collection is coming together. What to expect..

November 23, 2016

Hi all its been a while!

We have been busy little bees these past months drawing and re-drawing our designs until they were perfect. Our samples are finished and the results are promising! We are very happy with how they have come together and very excited to release among them two optical frames.

These eyeglasses frames will be our first foray into the world of optical eyewear and we are excited to try and make our mark in this massively over bloated world. Although there are companies that offer optical frames made from wood there has always been a danger of rigidity with the focus shifting away from style in order to make the frames as practical as possible for holding optical lenses.

This is where we feel we can make our mark. Our wooden eyeglass frames will feature a silk mesh layered within the layers of wood that make up the frame, this will enable our frames to be extremely flexible so that reading lenses or optical sun lenses can be popped in and out just like on the more traditional acetate reading glasses frames. 

This is a huge step forward because it enables us to keep our frames stylish and on trend with our trademark thinness and originality now accompanied by the flexibility needed to compete with fully acetate frames. Wooden eyewear has always been a purchase made out of love for the wood, the feel and smell and traditionally wooden eyewear has tended to be rather clunky for want of a better word. One major difference between wood and acetate frames is that acetate has a more innate flexibility to it, you can put your acetate glasses in your pocket and be sure that it would take a big bang for them to break. On the flip side, if you put your wooden sunglasses in your pocket nine times out of ten they will likely snap or break due to the fact that they are made out of wood and not plastic/acetate. Although we still advice you to use your kraft paper case whenever possible we also feel confident enough to say that on the odd occasion if you have forgotten your case or just happen to pop your glasses in your pocket, they will survive.

With regard to our lenses, we have chosen to add a little flair to our ss17 collection and introduce 100% polarised REVO lenses on selected pairs. Our optical frames will come as standard with CR-39 lenses while the rest of our frames will be 100% polarised triacetate cellulose lenses.

We'll be releasing some photos soon so stay tuned!

Speak soon!



p.s. If you have read this far then we have a little treat for you! seeing as its Black Friday this 25th November we are offering a cheeky discount on our current collection. Enter the code: FRIDAYROOTS at the checkout and get 50% discount. This offer will last from 23rd November until 00:00 Monday 28th November.

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