The Insider’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion Trends

June 16, 2016

Insider's Guide to Sustainable Fashion Trends

We live in the era of fast fashion where trends are on the ramps one day and on streets the next day. This forces designers to produce products in bulk. In such situations, they are forced to use materials which are not environment-friendly. For instance, usage of plastic products damages the environment and rising demand for leather products results in animal cruelty leading to wildlife extinction.

However, in the recent past, there have been efforts by individual designers and world famous brands to induce sustainability into fashion. They are in search of the fashion trends which are eco-friendly. This demands more transparency over what is being used in the fashion apparels. Technological advancements have also been brought into application to minimize damage to nature.

Alternative to Cotton

Cotton is the most used fabric in the fashion industry. It is organic in nature. But its production involves use of chemicals and pesticides which are harmful to the environment. Huge names in the fashion industry have been making efforts to find alternatives to cotton. Notable achievements have been the development of fabrics from bamboo, soy, and corn.

Wash Carefully and Discard with Responsibility

A huge cause of burden on the environment has been over consumption of resources for the production fashion apparels in large quantities. A possible trend to induce sustainability into fashion is by reducing the number of attires in your wardrobe. Wash your clothes carefully and use them for long as you can.

Stopping Animal Cruelty

Every year, countless animals are slaughtered to get their skin, which is used in making leather products. Sustainable fashion demands reduction in animal killings to preserve wildlife. Snakes, elephants, cows, and alligators are the notable animals killed for leather. Sustainable fashion trends are huge steps forward in ensuring safety of these beautiful creatures.

3R Policy

An important aspect of sustainability is its 3R policy – reduce, reuse and recycle. The very first step is to reduce the number of garments you own. This demands us to let go of fast fashion in which trends make their ways into public lives soon after appearing on ramps.

The second step asks for reusing what you own. You should buy apparels which are long lasting and should stick to them for as long as possible.

The third part of the policy demands us to recycle what is considered as waste. Using the process, you can produce fibre from a discarded wardrobe, which can be used to make clothes again.

Cutting Plastics off – Wooden Frames

Due to its non-degradable nature, plastic production and usage infer most damage to the environment. Fashion companies have been busy finding its alternatives and have been quite successful. Wooden frames for sunglasses is one marvelous example. The sunglasses designed from wood are eco-friendly. Beautiful designs and sleek finish make such eye wear one of a kind. The materials mostly used in making wooden sunglasses are bamboo, maple, ebony and rosewood

The world has just been introduced to the idea of sustainable fashion. There is a great deal of progress which awaits ahead of us.

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